Aldi Aeolus Air Quality case study.

Air Quality Assessment Case Study

As the traffic associated with the proposed supermarket was significant, a detailed air quality assessment was required which involved dispersion modelling.

Construction crane.

AQDMP London Case Study

A site-specific Air Quality Dust Management Plan (AQDMP) was required to discharge a planning condition before works could commence. The client required the AQDMP within two days.

Coventry city street dispersion modelling case study.

Dispersion Modelling Case Study

The garden of the proposed development was bounded by a busy A road, used by over 50,000 vehicles each day. The local authority required assurances that air quality at the external amenity area would be suitable for the future occupants.

Air polluting chimney.

Permit Application Case Study

The proposed development fell within the Medium Combustion Plant Directive and therefore required an environmental permit from the Environment Agency (EA).

Residential Suitability Case Study.

Residential Feasibility Case Study

The parcel of land was bounded by a busy motorway, used by almost 100,000 vehicles each day.

Aeolus Air Quality Air Quality Neutral Case Study.

Air Quality Neutral Assessment Case Study

The client required an air quality neutral assessment to support the planning application.

Aeolus Air Quality Air Quality Monitoring.

Air Quality Monitoring Case Study

To comply with Greater London Authority (GLA) guidance, the contractor had to agree two air quality monitoring locations with CoLC.

Air quality in kitchens.

Odour Assessment Case Study

The proposed development could create unacceptable odorous impacts in an urban area.