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This confidential client was seeking planning permission for a proposed 4.5MW gas-powered standby generation facility at a site in England.


The proposed development fell within the Medium Combustion Plant Directive and therefore required an environmental permit from the Environment Agency (EA). The planning consultant approached Aeolus Air Quality Consulting (AAQC) to assist on air quality matters.


AAQC first engaged with the project team before undertaking dispersion modelling to determine the potential air quality impacts. The dispersion modelling and reporting followed specific EA guidance and significance criteria, with all model files and a report submitted to the EA for checking.

The contour map illustrates the total NO2 annual mean concentrations in the surrounding area.

Permit Application Case Study solution


AAQC supported the client in discussions with the EA, who issued the environmental permit in December 2021.

In May 2022 the client sought to increase the operating hours of the facility, which required applying to the EA for a permit variation. AAQC undertook further dispersion modelling work to determine the air quality impacts associated with increased operation. The permit variation application has been submitted and AAQC continue to support the client.

Client Feedback

D Cooper,
“Thank you for being very responsive… We have a number of sites we are developing and I will be in contact again.”


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