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Aeolus Air Quality Consulting help our clients navigate the planning process with regards to odour. We undertake odour assessments or monitoring to determine the potential odour impacts.

Often, odour abatement is the best solution. There are a wide range of options including electrostatic filters, UV ozone systems, odour neutralizers and carbon filters.

Purified Air are the market leaders in commercial kitchen odour control. They have been an air filtration equipment manufacturer since 1984 and also manufacture products for the indoor air quality & industrial markets.

All leading restaurant brands use Purified Air equipment, including long standing relationships with the likes of McDonalds, KFC & Burger King. Their products include a range using different technologies including Electrostatic Filters, UV Ozone Systems, Odour Neutralizers, Carbon Filters & Recirculating Canopy Systems (Reflow).

With a service team of 40+ directly employed engineers conducting over 18,000 service visits annually Purified Air not only manufacture market leading products but have the structure & support in place to ensure that this specialist equipment is looked after.

Manufacturing products with a bespoke design, tailored towards its industry through its network of over 50 distributors globally. Purified Air can offer a first class service to anyone around the world for a variety of different market when there is a requirement of air filtration.

Email Purified Air or call them on 01708 755414 for free, confidential advice.