AQDMP London Case Study

  • Location:
    Leyton, London
  • Client:
    NT+A Planning


Nicholas Taylor + Associates (NT+A) were supporting their client with the discharge of planning conditions relating to a proposed residential redevelopment in Leyton. NT+A appointed Aeolus Air Quality Consulting (AAQC) as the air quality consultant.


A site-specific Air Quality Dust Management Plan (AQDMP) was required to discharge a planning condition before works could commence. The client required the AQDMP within two days.


A construction dust risk assessment was undertaken, following the latest guidance from the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) and Greater London Authority (GLA).

As illustrated, the proposed development site was situated within a mixed-use area, with many sensitive receptors within the distance buffers that nuisance dust can travel.

The results of the risk assessment determined mitigation measures to reduce the risk of potential dust impacts and monitoring recommendations.

image 155 1

The work was written into the AQDMP, which was issued to the client within a day.


The AQDMP was approved by the local authority with no further revisions required, which allowed works to commence. The client was appreciative of the quick turnaround and quality of the work.

Client Feedback

Mandip Sahota, Partner at NT+A Planning:
“A reliable, helpful air quality consultant we have used for numerous projects since 2018. Reasonably priced and delivers to tight deadlines.”


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