Air Quality Neutral

One of London’s major challenges is improving air quality across the capital. Policy SI 1 of the London Plan includes requirements for new developments to be Air Quality Neutral.

If hundreds of thousands of proposed developments are granted planning permission across the city, with each having a very minor adverse impact on air quality, there is the danger of a creeping baseline. The air quality neutral guidance aims to avoid this.

EV Charging

All proposed developments in London will now need to be assessed against emissions benchmarks for buildings and transport. Developments with emissions of NOx and PM10 below these benchmarks are considered to be air quality neutral and not contributing to the existing poor air quality.

Developments that are not air quality neutral can reduce emissions further through on-site mitigation such as low carbon heating solutions, EV charge points, travel plans and green infrastructure.

Developments which cannot reduce emissions from on-site mitigation will be required to work with local planning authorities to offset emissions through off-site measures. These are provided directly by the developer or as part of an existing scheme to improve air quality.  The local planning authority will secure these measures through conditions or s106 agreements.

AAQC have experience in undertaking air quality neutral assessments, see this example. We give our clients unbiased, honest advice on what may be required with regards to mitigation. We have trusted affiliates which can provide on-site air quality mitigation measures such as EV charge points.

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