Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring may be required as part of an air quality assessment, permit application, odour assessment or to monitor dust levels as part of an AQDMP.

Air quality monitoring can be divided into two broad categories: automatic monitoring and passive monitoring. Both methods are accepted and used by local authority and regulators.

Automatic monitoring

Higher costs

Requires a power source and phone signal

Provides real time text/email alerts

Picks up short-term fluctuations in pollutants

Passive monitoring

Cheaper costs

No power source or phone signal required

No real time alerts

Does not pick up short-term fluctuations in pollutants

Aeolus Air Quality Consulting have experience in undertaking both automatic and passive monitoring of various pollutants. We have experience in monitoring at schools, universities, construction sites, residential properties and mineral extraction sites.

AAQC own a small fleet of automatic monitors. These are available to hire along with support services: installation, alert monitoring, compliance reporting and decommissioning. We have industry contacts who can also provide passive monitors and low-cost automatic monitors.

Contact us for free monitoring advice and no obligation monitoring quotations.