Air Quality Assessments

National, regional and/or local air quality guidance may dictate that an air quality assessment is required to support a planning application.

An air quality assessment may take the form of a scoping report, screening assessment or detailed air quality assessments presented as either a standalone report or as a technical chapter within a wider submission document, such as an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Statement (ES).

Agree scope with local authority

Evaluate existing ambient air quality

Assess potential air quality impacts during the construction phase

Assess potential air quality impacts during the operational phase

Identify suitable mitigation measures

Aeolus Air Quality Consulting has experience in undertaking a wide range of air quality assessments across the UK. For further details, see these our projects.

AAQC will liaise with the local authority or regulator to agree a level of assessment that is proportional to the scale and nature of the proposed development. If required, we will recommend mitigation measures which are appropriate to the likely air quality impact of the proposed development.

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